frameless largeFrameless units are very visually appealing and can provide a modern contemporary updated look to almost any bathroom. They create the illusion of more wide open and airy space. They can be much easier to clean since there is no frame to impede the cleaning. Mold, mildew and soap scum will have less of a chance to grow and the result is a cleaner contemporary bathroom. Frameless doors are constructed using 3/8” or ½” thick glass with hardware to support it. Additional glass fabrication such as polishing, notches and holes are necessary due to the frameless design, therefore it pushes the price to almost twice as much as the framed unit.


SemiFrameless ImageSemi-frameless enclosures offer much of the beauty of a fully frameless door or enclosure, but with potential cost savings and structural functionality.


framed largeFramed doors offer functionality at the most affordable price. There have been new improvements in the look and finishes of the framed enclosures. Much has changed since the old metal trim that was offered in only silver and gold. Glass choices are pretty impressive as well although most will choose clear glass to show off their new tile. Framed doors are designed to seal shut with a magnetic strip and additional rubber seals and sweeps. Water splashing on to the bathroom floor is less of an issue. Water and steam are sealed effectively as well.


SliderSliding door options offer a space saving alternative to swing doors. They are available in a full variety of framed and semi – frameless designs. As well as the beautiful fully frameless skyline series.


mirror customWe offer three decorative frame selections in seven finishes:

    • Chrome
    • Gold
    • Brushed Nickel
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze
    • Roman Bronze
    • Satin
    • White
Frames are available with our without the mirror, and are made to your custom dimensions.


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"Love my new shower glass! I did the new sliding door too and they exceeded my expectations! I also put a special film on it to keep water residue off so that it will always look crystal clear! Thank you guys for everything and this has been so stressfree for me! Will recommend you always! "
- Krista